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It is vital that as many people as possible sign the petition. The Irish people need to state their unequivocal opposition to the proposed role of CACI (UK) in the upcoming Irish census, and the use of Irish Taxpayers money to support organizations involved in human rights abuses.

You wouldn’t want to co-operate with human rights abusers, would you? No person could justify the actions of this company so take all the action you can. Sign the petition and read how to avoid completing the form.



Should Ireland fund these crimes?

Should Ireland fund these crimes?

  1. Louise says:

    This is a Scandal.. i cant believe this is for real, also this census is Extremly intrusive into your lives the amount of ‘Personal’ info the Census requires in Bad news to Civil Liberties and personal security..

  2. There is appearantly no legal requirement to fill in the Irish cencus formacccording to info at
    Basic details seem to be send back cencus forms preferably with its original enevelope preferably not opened with writing on it with , RETURN TO SENDER , I DO NOT RECOGNISE YOU , I DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOUR INTENT , I DO NOT HAVE AN INTERNATIONAL TREATY WITH YOU , NO ASSURED VALUE , NO LIABILITY

  3. Ive been following this CACI Census story through Mark at and Im shocked, particularly with the mainstream media’s reluctance in creating dialogue around the moral obligation of this nation – ie, as a nation we should be not be giving lucrative public contracts to torturers and murderers…. Dont you just love Irish ‘christianity’? As a people, we’re not as good as we think, we’re just overly compliant!

  4. […] As of last week, the CSO has begun requesting the assistance of citizens in formulating appropriate questions for the planned Census of Population in 2011. Irish Declaration of Right of Refusal Petition – PLEASE SIGN […]

  5. sarah conner says:

    Spanish Inquisition. Has anyone got any forms that can be handed to the idiots that collect these Forms ? That they need to fill in or we fine them £6000000 per question wrong, or for Needless knocking on my front door back door and windows, for over 20 mins then banging my front room window & staring in ! She totally ignored Trespass signs to my Dwelling. SO they breach what they deem to be their Laws… .. for Bonuses. Never mind their Human Rights … Record on Torture & using Everything you write or say against you…
    Everyone; !! who jump`s or Fills in information on these papers Might just answer Any Question about you, One threat from the State & they will might add to your or my demise activists , !My god we cant Trust the people who claim to be the Irish government … State servant`s rebel`s robbers with tons of so called cash & Large propertys…

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