Avoid the Census

The most effective way to register your objection to CACI’s involvement with the census is by withholding your cooperation. Most forms of non-cooperation are perfectly legal. If practised widely enough, legal non-cooperation would make it difficult or impossible for the census to be carried out.

Prosecution of people who do not wish to be prosecuted and understand their rights would be very difficult indeed. A court would be extremely unlikely to convict anyone simply because the Central Statistics Office had no record of receiving their completed form. Prosecutions from previous census relied on offenders providing statements admitting their offence.

You and your census form

DON’T RUSH to complete and return your census form. There is no statutory limit to the amount of time you can take to fill it in.
DON’T TELL CENSUS WORKERS whether you have or have not received your census form, whether you have or have not filled it in or intend to fill it in, whether you are or are not the “householder.”
DO REMOVE ALL IDENTIFYING INFORMATION from your census form if you intend to return it uncompleted (perhaps with a message saying why you are doing so). You must remove (cut out, don’t just black out) the codes, address and Internet Questionaire Access Code from the front page (or just remove the front page) and remove the bar codes and alpha-numeric codes from the bottom of every page. Returning a blank census form is not by itself illegal. But if you don’t eventually provide answers to the census questions, you may be committing an act of civil disobedience and, in the unlikely event of being detected, prosecuted and convicted, you could be fined and acquire a criminal record.
DO CONTINUE YOUR NON-COOPERATION even if you send in your census form (whether blank or filled in).

After Census Day – What to do

Follow-up will continue for many weeks after Census Day. The responses that we suggest are all completely legal.

Shortly after Census Day, census staff working on the “Census Coverage Survey” and the “Census Quality Survey” will call on selected households. This is a check on census coverage, not a check on whether you have completed your form. Don’t tell them whether or not you have received a census form. Don’t tell them anything about yourself or you neighbourhood. You aren’t obliged to answer the door to them, but if you do speak to them you might wish to tell them that, in protest at CACI’s involvement with the census, you are refusing to give any assistance to the census that you aren’t legally required to give.’
If they believe that the information you provided on your census form was inaccurate or incomplete, census staff may visit you to check it. You are legally obliged to answer the questions on the census form fully and truthfully (except for the question on religion, which is optional), but you are not obliged to discuss your answers with census staff.
If they believe that you haven’t returned your census form, you may get a visit from an enumerator. You aren’t obliged to answer the door to them, but if you do, whether or not you have returned you form:

DON’T confirm your name, or tell them the name of anyone else living at your address, or confirm that you are the “householder”.
DON’T say anything to confirm or deny their belief that you haven’t returned your form.
DON’T sign anything or agree to anything.
DON’T complete your form in the presence of census staff

Census staff are just doing a job. Please be courteous towards them. Feel free to tell them about the links between the census, CACI and Abu Ghraib. If you wish, give them one of our leaflets and direct them to the website.

Interrogation or torture?

Interrogation or torture?

In the 2006 Irish Census, only 20 people who avoided filling out census were fined. A Central Statistics Office (CSO) spokesman said… ‘the average penalty accruing from these convictions was “definitely no more than a few hundred Euro”. The supposed maximum however was the same as it is now, 25,000 Euro. [READ]


Sign the petition – CLICK HERE

  1. Hi!

    I am from Canada. We are fighting the involvement of the American military in our census, Lockheed Martin Corp (same as UK). The Scots have CACI, same as you.

    I didn’t fill in my census form in 2006, and was charged. Eventually found guilty and given an absolute discharge. The guilty decision is now under appeal. Our census is in May, I am pushing the Court to hear and decide before then.

    Good for you for standing up to psychopaths! Please go to the button “Lockheed Martin …” at the top of my blog, http://www.sandrafinley.ca – – you will see that the resistance is larger and larger all the time.

    The support is great – – People in networks here will know people in Ireland – – I’ll send out a request for people to contact anyone they might know in Ireland. Fight the good fight! Best wishes!

  2. Thanks for that Sandra.

  3. Steve says:

    Has anyone got any other clever ideas? What if i was ‘away’ from my house from before the form was delivered and only arrived back to my house the day after the census was over?

  4. Hi Steve, Might be different for you. Here, they do manual follow-up if you haven’t submitted a form. They phone and leave reminders. The collection period goes on for a few months.

    If this is your situation, you might want to do something with your form so you don’t have to keep dodging the collectors. You could actually submit your form, but use it to make a statement of protest. The usual legal requirement is only a head-count (so electoral boundaries can be set). You can provide them with that, meet the legal requirement, AND THEN …

    CLEVER IDEAS ?: I noticed that the Count Me Out UK census blog has a whole page on this. https://network23.org/countmeout/taking-action/

    Have fun while getting rid of the war machine that depends on manufacturing enemies in order to make profits!

  5. velly says:

    where is the non cooperation form. You should add the link to the petition on your page:

  6. yourwun says:

    Well I gave my name to the enumerator..when they called to the door. They wrote it on a separate form on clip board or something. I will be out of the country around the time of the census. What next? When they come back for the unfilled form? I won’t be cutting out numbers etc as suggested above.

  7. @yourwun Since you gave your name they will be able to follow up and get your census form back in the weeks after the census.
    They called to my house today. I told them i could not confirm or deny whether i was the home owner. Il say that all the way till the 10th April. And see what happens afterwards.

  8. Fexfletch says:

    I don’t know if this works but if you return the form incomplete using a fine black pen and a ruler you can possibly screw up the bar code on the bottom of each page. It’s just a theory. It’s only a series of black lines after all. If its done carefully the machine will misread it. There is also a number under each bar code so it may not work.

  9. Gobo says:

    The only people you’re going to be screwing by following the above instructions are the 5000 enumerators who have been employed on two month contracts and are paid a sum per form collected. Many of these people have no other source of income. Instead of spending the supposed 21hours a week collecting forms they will have to spend every hour of every day trying to collect forms. They will recieve no extra pay, if anything they will be paid less while the company you’re protesting about will still recieve it’s fee. I am not happy with this company running the census but this is not an effective means of demonstrating your displeasure.

  10. On one hand, temporary money for census collectors.

    We have a tendency to look at things in the short term.

    In the long term what will you have?

    Please look carefully at the growing menace in the world of the American military-industrial complex. ““… a declining superpower losing both political and economic dominance but still preserving military supremacy is a dangerous mix.”

    IN the U.S. they have allocated more than a billion dollars for a new super surveillance centre in Utah. The FBI are contracting with military contractors to seriously expand their biometric identification of people. Large census data bases were the enablers of the Nazi ability to identify segments of people for extermination.

    The info assembled by the census protesters in Canada is related to Lockheed Martin, but CACI is part of the complex. Please see http://sandrafinley.ca/?page_id=70

    Cooperation with the census is short term gain for long term pain.

  11. Edward says:

    Does anyone know what the possible fines and penalties are from not completing the census form?

  12. samir says:

    jai mai love le fleur

  13. Kris Zurek says:

    Why Would You Boycott Irish Census 2011
    An Expanded Perspective part. I

    Written by Kris Zurek 05.April.2011

    We the People of Sovereign Ireland have been recently asked to participate in the national Census. In fact we are not asked but it is demanded from us to participate under the threat of penalty of 25 000 €. This in itself is a form of economic bulling.

    But who in fact is in charge of current 2011 Irish Census? Do you really know what company has been contracted to oversee and manage this job? Certainly you would expect that it is done by Irish company, wouldn’t you. Well, the hidden truth is that although this census is managed by Irish CSO, the IT processing of personal data is done by a foreign company called CACI !!! And what are the ethics and track records of the company in question? Before you choose to give freely your private details away (your power away) to foreign hands do your own research.

    You would certainly think twice before sharing your intimate personal details with all or any of your neighbours, so why would you, without questioning, do it for any Governmental or any Corporate Agencies. Your home is your castle, your family life is your treasure. So think again.

    There are many people in Ireland and abroad that are not excited about volunteering to give away their private information, and rightly so. People should be free not to consent if they so desire.

    We know that unlawful trade of personal details between agencies and corporations is becoming nowadays a norm. Some people claim that many companies or agencies signed confidentiality agreements and are legally restricted to trade private information, but the reality is often different. Once your details are stored in computers in the electronic format, they are subject to easy theft.

    Mining personal details and spying on people of all the nations is now the common practice. From satellites, through mobile phones tracking, GPS tracking devices, NSA ‘sponsored’ ECHELON international spying networks which use sophisticated computer programs to monitor all emails, phone and mobile conversations of unaware populace, to CCTV street spying cameras, Biometric technologies and National ID Cards, the BIG BROTHER has never been so active and intrusive as it is today.

    Of course, we are being told that all of this is for our ‘common good’, but is it really. Is this for your good or the ultimate global push to monitor and manage society (just like a cattle) is to secure the continuation of power and commerce of the ‘herd owners’. This question can be only answered fully by you, when you become well educated. Uneducated people are always subtly enslaved, without their full knowledge.

    Warning: Benjamin Franklin once said that those who trade liberty for temporary security will loose both”

    Under the Common Law and the Constitution, We The People have the right to be free. We have the right to protect our homes, businesses and lives. We have the right to reject or boycott anything which universally unethical.

    Who is CACI?

    CACI UK is a subsidiary of infamous CACI International based in USA, who has the intimate ties with military. You may think, so what. But the context of this information gains new dimension, when you realise that CACI is the very company, which has been contracted to provide service in processing information extracted from Irish people via 2011 Census.

    Is it not at least strange and suspicious that the same company (CACI) that has been accused in 2005 by Amnesty International for unethical and inhumane interrogation practices on people detained without charge in Iraqi Abu Ghraib prison, is now involved in extracting or ‘data mining operation’ on Irish soil?! … So would you still like them to process your personal data?

    Central Statistics Office (CSO) is aware that EU procurement rules do allow bidders to be excluded if they have been convicted of certain criminal or other offences, and yet they allowed for CACI UK to be involved, claiming that CACI UK is only a subsidiary of CACI International! So that is like saying that a blood of ‘mother house’ is not flowing through the veins of its ‘offspring’.
    It appears that managers of CSO are not aware of the bigger picture, and blindly adhere to the bureaucratic machine, which often ignores ethical issues.
    Our association with CACI blows yet another hole in the myth of ‘purity’ of Irish Neutrality, which has been already questioned during Shannon Airport scandal.

    Coincidently or not, Queen of England is now scheduled for the first time ever to pay a visit to Irish Republic, just after the Census (counting of the subjects) by CACI UK will be completed.
    CACI UK and CACI International, as it was mentioned previously have military ties, and it is a fact that Blair/Brown administrations together with The Royal Family have a ‘dark’ record in ‘approving’ a murder of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians through the last eight years of the ‘economic crusade’ in Iraq.

    Additionally, the visit of a member of Royal Family can be seen as a very symbolic act, as it may subtly constitute a sign of further subjugation of Irish nation by the ‘Modern Feudalism’ via economic means and corrupt banking. The corrupt Irish banks of Anglo-Irish, Bank of Ireland, Building Society etc. are tied to Inner City of London based, international Rothschild banking empire, which in turn is well interwoven with the business affairs of the Royal Family of England.
    English Queen also has huge shares in BP and Shell oil/gas companies, which took over natural resources of Ireland with the help of corrupt politicians of Ray Burke and Bertie Ahern.

    Royal Family and Banking Elite since the time immemorial have been interested in acquiring more and more profitable resources worldwide. The fate of Iraq and Ireland has, in this respect, a lot in common. These both countries have been under massive influence of elites from British and American empires, and they both has been robbed of their resources, and become ‘economic slaves’ of the new century.
    So, it may not sound too outrageous to suspect that unethical CACI UK and CACI International might just be acting on behalf of financial elites, which need to do the counting of their subjects.

    Recently, 20 000 people marched in London to object to the cuts, ‘economic slaughter’ brought about in UK. More then five thousands of Irish people staged protest against bailouts and IMF in Dublin.
    Now is the time to boycott the dubious motives of the Irish Census.
    Know and exercise your rights. You have a moral and patriotic obligation to reject what is unethical.

    You can also sign a Petition http://www.petitiononline.com/Census11

    youtube recommended links:
    Last Call For Freedom;
    Government using Microsoft to SPY on YOU;
    Your cellphone is tracking your every move;

    Lawful Tools For Your Protection

    By Greum

    You only have a *legal* obligation to take part in the census, not a *LAW*full one and don’t let any body tell you they are the same thing.

    If you receive a visit from the CSO for refusing to take part here’s a few things you can do.

    Ask them to swear in writing on their full personal and commercial liability that it is a *LAW* full obligation and not just a *legal* one, and have it witnessed by a Guard or Notary Public. If the produce this documentation you will par take in the census.

    Point out to them that there is no sovereign seal on the form there fore it can *NOT* be an official government document.

    You can also say that, the company that the government has hired to process the census CACI UK. is owned in full by CACI INT. , a US based company that supplied interrogations and tortures to Abu Grad prison and you do not want to complete the form for security reasons.

    Finally, if they post you out a form, put it back in it’s envelope and on the front write *”NO CONTRACT – RETURN TO SENDER, DUE TO SERIOUS SECURITY CONCERNS”* no body can force you to fill in the form with genuine concerns like these. This is a free country last time I checked.
    If you encounter any problems or for more information please feel free to contact me. Greum 083-3940843

    Kris Zurek: Remember you have never given them a consent in a first place, to impose a legal obligation to fill the census! The whole nation is led to believe that nobody has right not to participate or boycott this census because of ethical and privacy reasons. Your constitutional rights are there to protect you. Use them wisely. They can’t really bother anybody, unless we consent to it. Never forget, that you are a sovereign human being, free to choose your own destiny.

    PS: Feel free to post this article in your website. If you send me your email address I will post you a copy of the poster for the Boycott Census Campaign

  14. mise says:

    The Census Form comes with a threat attached – thats good enough reason in itself to throw it on the fire! I do no take kindly to being threatened by anybody, that includes the fake government of the provisional free state under the crown!

  15. Steve White says:

    I am a bit confused as to how the census is delivered and how I should act. I gather from the Census website that the Census has to be hand delivered to me, so there is not option to receive it by post or download it.

    If an ennumarator does call to my how, and I refuse to confirm my identity, will they still give me a form? I mean if I think of them as like a curior, the curior will not deliver a package to me unless I confirm my name and sign for it. So is it the same as getting the Census.

    So if I do refuse to confirm my name or that I am the householder, what will the ennumarator do then, will they just keep coming back, in which case they will be greeted by me again, so it makes it a bit hard for them to beleive I am not the householder.

    If you tell an ennumarator about this campaign, are you not implying yourself in it.

    Will the CSO not be able to deduce who has and who has not completed the form, or who spoiled the form by a process of name elimination.

    To be honest I want to protest, but I am a bit unsure of the steps given above and they are a bit shaky, legally. Are the any organisations in Ireland, like the Irish Civil Liverties who can give some clearer advice and information.

  16. bubbles says:

    Left Ireland a few weeks ago to move abroad, glad we’re not there now, the whole country gets darker and more corrupt by the week. I believe that there are definitely forces at work that even the most clued in people are not aware of and not just in Ireland the world over.

  17. Helen Duignan says:

    Well done on your work so far. Are you still campaigning against this? Or do you think it’s too late? I will follow the instructions above but fear that as only 850 people have signed the petition, there will not be enough to make an impact. (Not that this will change my mind.) I have not seen any activity on Facebook or Twitter. Have I missed it?

  18. Kris Z. says:

    Here is what I did. Perhaps it will be of help to anyone strugling with responding to this census mess.

    I havn’t taken the census from the CSO agent, nor have I given them my second name.

    Additionally, I have prepared a written response to show them in case they visit me again. (text below)

    Feel free to use it as a template, but I make clear that I do not give here a legal advice. All you will do you will do on your own accord and responsibility will be yours only.

    Good luck to you all

    Kris Z.

    Dear Census Enumerator,

    I will capitulate to your request to fill in the Census, if in writing you swear on your full personal and commercial liability before a Notary Public, or a member of An Garda Siochana, or a Commissioner for Oaths that it is a LAWful obligation and not just a LEGAL obligation to fill in the Census form. I must also point out that this so called Government document has no sovereign seal on it, therefore it cannot be genuine in nature.
    It is my UNDERSTANDing that a STATUTE is defined as a legislated rule of society which has been given the force of LAW by the CONSENT of the GOVERNED,
    It is my UNDERSTANDing if anyone does revoke or deny CONSENT they exist free of government control and statutory restraints,
    Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
    Article12. No one shall be subject to arbitrary interference with his/her privacy, family, home, or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his/her honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the LAW against such interference or attacks.
    Article19. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
    Article29.2. In the exercise of his/her rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by LAW solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.

    If the above points are false of fraudulent, again I insist that you swear on your full personal and commercial liability before a Notary Public, or a Commissioner for Oaths that it is not the case and why.

    Without malice or mischief, in sincerity and honour.

    By: __(signature of your first name only)__: Agent of (your full name)

  19. Stir says:

    Thanks Kris, much appreciated 🙂

  20. shaun says:


    just looking for some advice here. someone in my house gave my name to the census collector not knowing better so they have my name and address. how can i wiggle out of this?

    • Here’s what some people are doing…

      When they come back to collect the completed form, tell them you haven’t it filled it in yet. Ask them to provide you with a stamped addressed envelope and that you will return it yourself. Hopefully it doesn’t get lost in the post 😉


      When they call, tell them that somebody called to your house the previous day to collect the form. Let them try and prove otherwise if they wish 🙂 They won’t.

  21. Steve says:

    Heres what I did. I told her I posted it last week. I said that I was not comfortable handing my census form to a complete stranger, CSO employee or not. How can I be assured that my information will not be scanned before it reaches CSO? The form will contain my name, address, how many people live in my house, where I work, WHAT TIME I LEAVE IN THE MORNING!!!! how long it takes, and how I get there. That kind of information is very valuable to certain parties, much like thieves scanning the obituaries to see whos home and whos not, so and I told her that I was more comfortable sending it directly to CSO. I really hope it reaches them safely 😉

  22. sam says:

    Hi guys
    Im in a bit of a pickle!!
    Answered the door five weeks ago…cencus man. Although my partner advised me not to recieve any form or give my name..yer man drew it out of me..! “You have to do it..its illegal not to do so” and all that crap. He asked me how many people were in the house at that time…thouh i kept telling him i didnt want to know.Eventually i told him 2 people were in the house…went to close the door..”Whats your name”?? Told him i wasnt giving it to him…but he forced it out of me!!! I do wish i was stronger on that evening..now he has my name.He called back two weeks ago to collect the form…my partner was here…i was at work.My partner said No contract..now please leave.He warned him about the fine..the legal obloglaction…blah blah blah…then left.
    Yeaserday evening…he was back with a big brown envlope with my name and address on it (though he had mispelt my second name with one letter) My partner said No contract again…he threw it into our porch and said Delivered!! My partner picked it up,followed him down to his car and handed it back to him. Cencus man then threw it up the driveway and jumped into his car…so my partner stuck it in this wiper which cenucs man put on on purpose!! He got out of his car again and threw it up the driveway again,jumped back into the car so my partner put it on the back window wiper!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! We came back into the house,closed the door…he stood outside our house on his phone for 5 minutes then drove away….
    WTF is going to happen next??? They have my name.

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